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3 Keys to End Motherhood Overwhelm

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💖Time for yourself ðŸ’–Patience with your kids ðŸ’–Calm at home

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 Do you...

✦ find yourself stressed and overwhelmed most days?

✦ feel physically drained and emotionally exhausted?

✦ struggle to maintain your calm with the people you love most?

Now more than ever, our kids need parents who can help them through anxiety and stress as we collectively create a new sense of normal. 

But how can you be your kids’ anchor, when you yourself are floundering? 

Come discover how to 

End Motherhood Overwhelm now!


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This 3-part series is designed to give you:

  • Clarity on what does and doesn't work to reduce overwhelm.
  • Strategies to get your needs met so that you have the energy to be a patient and calm momma.

  • Your roadmap to create lasting change in your family and your home.

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Discover how to:

✨ FEEL IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF so that you can be present to enjoy your kids while they’re still little.

✨ FIND TIME FOR IT ALL so you have more than enough energy to thrive at work and be the attuned, peaceful parent you want to be at home.

 CREATE CONSISTENT CALM AT HOME even when things don’t go as planned, and despite the crazy world we live in.

What will you learn?


Learn the #1 mistake keeping moms stuck in overwhelm and find out what to do instead to cultivate calm in your home.


Find out where to focus your energy so that you have time for your family, your work, and even for yourself!


Shed the mom-guilt and discover how to get your needs met so that you can be the calm, confident mother you’ve always dreamed of being.


What are the moms saying?


Steph K.

I couldn’t enjoy my kids because I was annoyed and anxious. Even their laughter made me angry and then I'd feel guilty.

Now I can be with them and genuinely and authentically enjoy them even when it's loud and messy!


Rachel C.

I used to yell at my kids, get angry at the drop of a hat, and lose complete control.

Now I'm calm and I know I'm the best mom for my kids.



Linda S.

I felt depleted. Struggles with my 5 year-old often ended with one or both of us in tears.

Now, transitions feel fun and easy.

On mornings that everything goes smoothly, we even have time to play together before the bus comes!”


Amanda W.

I used to dread being with my family.

Now I feel calm, confident, relaxed and in control.

It’s such a blessing to finally enjoy spending time with my family!!!


 Now it's YOUR turn to end the overwhelm so you can have a calm, happy family!

Join us LIVE October 18-21 from 12pm - 1pm EDT/ 9-10am PT

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Who's your trainer?

Leora Imanuel is a Transformational Motherhood Coach with a passionate belief that mothers deserve to be supported, as they do the vital work of raising the next generation of humans.

Over the last 10 years Leora has taught group workshops and supported mothers from around the world with her life-changing transformational 6-month program: Thrive a Motherhood Metamorphosis.

As a mom to two spirited kiddos, she "gets" what it's like to feel stretched between supporting kids and balancing a career, all while getting dinner on the table.

Known for being down-to-earth, clients often tell Leora that she's helped them to start living life unapologetically as themselves.

She’s committed to helping mothers end overwhelm as a way of life, so that they can be calm, confident parents who are present to support their children through these unprecedented times on the planet, while also enjoying deep connections with their families.

She lives in Vermont and loves getting out in nature with her family!